Thursday, August 8, 2013


Hi guys! I just wanted to share these pictures of all the new stuff that I bought with you. The colors of the nail polishes are called French Kiss (the blue one) and Rumors (the pink one). I can't wait to wear them this summer, they look so fresh and bright. I might even try to paint my nails with both colors because I think they go very well together. You can find the nail polish of the brand Pure Ice at Walmart but I am sure that a lot of other places sell them as well.

As for my new E.L.F. eye shadow palette, the colors are all very soft and natural. They are perfect for a bronzed summer look but I would wear them any season since the colors are very much restrained.

The belt is a really bright shade of blue which I absolutely love. You can combine it to a colorful outfit or just set a course keeping the rest of your outfit simply black or white. I bet this belt looks really good with all kind of denim but can be worn with only a white lace dress.

I got the necklace at a store called Promod, it was on sale but I would have bought it anyways for sure! Recently I absolutely fell in love with statement necklaces and this one is not too much but is able to spice up every outfit. I'm planning on wearing it with just a sheer black blouse for a chilly night out or with a white shirt and white lace shorts and flats during the day. This is a collar that I would recommend to anyone because I am convinced that it can make anyone look precious and effortless.

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